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We have to be smarter, more ambitious, and eager to change

Our planet cannot keep up with our growing food consumption and production. Much of this food also negatively impacts our health. The recently launched Farm to Fork Strategy, presented by the European Commission, takes steps into the right direction, but there are vital points missing, especially relating to food prices. We have to be more ambitious, smarter and more eager to change.

With your support, we can help refine the Farm to Fork strategy and make it more impactful! The TAPP Coalition has already succesfully created broad public and political backing for a fair meat price in The Netherlands, Germany, and European Parliament. Now we are combining our forces with other organizations to make the Europe of tomorrow future proof. We can count on your support to improve the farm to fork strategy, right?

Yes, the Farm to Fork Strategy should be refined in the following ways:

Set measurable goals

Set measurable goals to stimulate sustainable food consumption and to reduce our consumption of meat, dairy and eggs.

Support farmers

Support farmers financially who produce in a sustainable way, so we can keep enjoying their products in a responsible way. EU farmers should be protected against meat imports with lower CO2-standards (import taxes).

Introduce fair meat and dairy prices by 2025

Introduce fair meat and dairy prices by 2025 by means of a European directive or action plan. All additional resources as a result of these fairer prices will entirely flow back to society. In the Netherlands and Germany there is already broad support (63%) for the introductions of fair -slightly higher- prices, let’s do this in Europe as well.


Invest in support for sustainable and animal-friendly farming, making fruit, vegetables and non-meat protein cheaper, and let’s compensate lower incomes so they keep their purchasing power.

Reduce meat and dairy subsidies

Reduce meat and dairy subsidies, so consumers can buy a fair product for it’s fair price.

Julia Klöckner

CDU Agriculture Minister Germany, Chair of EU Council
"Excessively low prices for meat do not reflect its true value. Although meat should not become a luxury for the rich. That's why we believe an animal welfare levy is necessary,"

Bas Eickhout

Vice chair of the Greens (EU Parliament)
"Meat induces significant external costs which are not reflected in its price to the consumer and require rapid correction”

Dr. Sylwia Spurek

Lawyer, Social Democrats (EU Parliament)
“The production of animal-based food is a threat to the climate, a cause of serious human diseases, a cause of suffering and killing animals. This initiative is not only an excellent mechanism to reduce the demand for meat. As a result, healthcare costs will also be reduced. Tax revenues are also funds to conduct green transformation”

Gerben Jan Gerbrandy

Former member of Renew (EU Parliament liberals)
“In Europe we eat very high levels of meat. This has negative effects on climate, biodiversity and public health (diabetes 2, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, overweight). The Farm to Fork Strategy needs powerful instruments to give meat a higher price and reduce prices for plant based food: vegetables and fruits, like this petition asks the EU and member states to do”
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This petition is an initiative of the True Animal Protein Price (TAPP) Coalition, a broad coalition of farmers, doctors, young people, food organizations, environmental and animal welfare organizations and various companies. The Coalition has reached a big majority (63%) in the Netherlands for the introduction of a fair meat price. This includes enthusiastic reactions of responsible ministers and members of Parliament of all political colors.

Via this petition TAPP is working together with European organizations to give a stronger voice to our sustainable future and to further strengthen the European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy. 

But we can also use your help, for example with a donation. Will you support us too? Send an email to with your contact details and telephone number, and we will contact you. Thanks!

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